Rector s Address


Prof., PhD Vladimir  SOBINA

Rector of MSITI n.a. Yu. Senkevich
Moscow State Institute for Tourism Industry n.a. Yury Senkevich (MSITI) trains highly skilled employees for the  tourism and hospitality businesses. The history of MSITI is almost half a century long. The Institute’s graduates  are successful and proficient in their profession, well-oriented in the related fields of professional activity and highly competitive in the labour market. 
The training courses are closely linked to all the trends and changes in the developing global and local tourism and hospitality industries. The study programmes include a compulsory study of two foreign languages (out of 24) as their profound knowledge is required to work with foreign tourists in Russia and with Russian tourists abroad. The Institute’s extensive contacts with Russian enterprises operating in the tourism and hospitality businesses allow it to organize educational practice and internships for students in the best hotels, restaurants and travel agencies in Moscow and other cities. 
The teachers and students of the Institute conduct researches aimed at improving the tourism and hospitality businesses in Russia and abroad. 
It’s safe to say that the education received at MSITI makes a solid foundation for its graduates’ successful career in the hotel, restaurant and tourism businesses, in the fields of education, sciences, and public services.