International Activities
30 January 2015 four students of MSITI college Maria Ivanova, Kseniya Karimova, Alina Rodionova and Vasilina Ryzhova went to Spoleto, Italy to study in Instituto Giancarlo di Carolis during the spring term of the 2014/15 academic year (from 2 February till 30 June 2015). The students are going to study the programme "Tourism Management". Besides daily theoretical and practical classes, the students will follow a special cultural programme and a programme of their internship – participation in preparing and holding "LVIII Festival of the Two Worlds" (Europe and America), one of the biggest and oldest festivals of performing arts. The MSITI college students shared their thoughts and emotions concerning their studies in Italy with Alena Kolpakova, a participant in the double degree programme who studied in Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences in Finland. 

The development of the international activities at Moscow State Institute for Tourism Industry n.a. Yu. Senkevich is aimed at effective of the Institute into the international area of education and research through the development of the Institute's researches, improving the quality of education and raining, and socio-cultural cooperation with foreign educational institutions and organizations.         
Our Institute has signed cooperation agreements with institutes anduniversities in Bulgaria, Italy, Finland, France, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden, and the UK.

A double degree programme developed with Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences, Finland, provides MSITI best students with the opportunity to study in Finland for an academic year and get two Bachelor degrees – a graduate certificate of MSITI and a graduate certificate of Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences. Similar double degree programmes are being developed with MSITI's partner universities in Hungary, Italy and Bulgaria. The Institute has been widening its cooperation with universities in Italy, Hungary, Poland, France, and the UK including international projects of academic students', teachers' and researchers' academic mobility.